Electrical Safety Advice for Parents

Electrical Safety Advice

When you raise children, so many things become important in ways you didn’t previously imagine, especially when it comes to keeping them safe. So, let’s look at some electrical safety advice for parents to ensure your home is kept safe from accidents that could lead to big problems. 

3 Pieces of Electrical Safety Advice for Parents


1. First up, cover those outlets. Electrical outlets are intriguing to children. They watch people stick things into the outlet and then cool things happen – like lights coming on or the microwave beeps. That is all it takes to encourage a toddler to stick something into an outlet. This can lead to severe injury. So, pick up some outlet covers and pop one into each open receptacle on all your outlets. 

You can purchase tamper-resistant outlets that require equal pressure on both sides of the cord to insert it to make things safer. Some municipalities require these outlets, but not all. However, you can easily have these installed in your home by contacting 3 Phase Power, Milwaukee. They will make sure your outlets are safe for your little ones. 

2. In a child’s mind, cords, wires and other dangling objects are created for pulling. Be so careful with your cords. Make sure you don’t leave a cord dangling to entice a child to pull on it. Accidents only take a second, and consequences can last a lifetime. Shorten up those cords, so they don’t encourage investigation by toddlers.

3.Watch out in your bathroom. While there are other areas in your home where you have water and electricity in proximity, the bathroom is notorious. Once our children are potty trained, it isn’t unusual for them to go into the bathroom alone. Bathrooms tend to have lots of small appliances like curling irons, hair dryers, razors and electric toothbrushes. Make a consistent no-fail rule to unplug and wrap up the cords on any electrical appliance near a sink, toilet or tub. This goes for kitchens and laundry rooms, too.

3 Phase Power, Milwaukee Area Electricians

Electrical safety advice for parents is just one service provided by professional electricians. Every home should have a favored electrician on its emergency phone numbers list. If you are in Waukesha, WI, there’s one number to call: (262) 800-5405. We are licensed, experienced and professional electricians here to serve your family and keep you safe. 3 Phase Power – Milwaukee area electricians. Call today.

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