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Commercial Electrician: Waukesha, WI & Surrounding Area

Electrical problems at your business will significantly impact the efficiency of your daily operations. Many businesses rely on complex electrical systems to operate office equipment, data centers or automation facilities. If these systems go down due an electrical issue, it will significantly impact productivity and your overall bottom line. When these problems occur, you need a reliable commercial electrician to get your business back on track fast.

For 13 years, highly-trained 3 Phase Power electricians have provided reliable and prompt customer service to businesses all over southeastern Wisconsin. Whether your company is small or industrial, you will receive high quality commercial electrical services from 3 Phase Power with minimal disruptions and downtime. 

Available Commercial And Industrial Services

The professionals at 3 Phase Power provide a comprehensive range of commercial electrical services. The commercial electrical services include wiring, rewiring, generator installation, lighting installation and lighting upgrades. Office and facility lighting solutions will help your employees be more productive and reduce the risks of accidents and mistakes that will affect your company’s revenue. Strict protocols are followed to ensure each job is done efficiently and safely. A commercial electrician will come to your location and help you make an informed decision on the best electrical services for your business.

If you have an electrical emergency, 24/7 service is provided to meet all your company’s needs. The highly trained commercial electricians at 3 Phase Power are able to handle everything from simple repairs to large commercial build outs and electrical safety inspections. Regular yearly maintenance and inspections can ensure your business operations keep running smoothly without interruptions.

Benefits of Working with a commercial electrician

There are many benefits to hiring a professional commercial electrician. Trained electricians that work specifically with businesses understand the complex building codes and procedures involved in commercial electrical work. A professional knows how to reduce the risk of electrical shock and other injuries while making repairs. Professional electricians are licensed and bonded to ensure work is performed correctly and you are covered from any damages. We can help you discover the best energy saving solutions to maximize productivity and profitability for your business in the future. 

Do You Really Need a Commercial Electrician?

Many electrical systems in your business can operate for years without any issues. But if your lighting system falters at a moment’s notice due to lack of routine care, your business will face a number of costly repairs. An undiagnosed power surge problem could wipe out years of critical data in an instant. 

Prevention is key to keeping your business fully operational and protected from electrical issues every day. Regular maintenance will help keep your electrical systems working at optimal performance to reduce unnecessary risks and costs. Electrical problems can happen anytime, resulting in devastating effects for your employees and customers. Protect yourself and enjoy peace of mind.

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Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with Commercial Electrical Services

Electricity is vital for the everyday operations of your business. Without power, you cannot serve your customers and you put your employees at risk. The professional commercial electricians at 3 Phase Power will help you be proactive about your electrical needs. As a busy professional, it is crucial that you stay aware of any sights, sounds, or smells that could be an indication of potential electrical problems. We know exactly what to look for and will show you how to protect your business. Keep your company operations running smoothly by requesting more information about commercial electrical services today.

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