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If you have electrical projects that need to be done around your home, you may be tempted to try to complete the work yourself. Electrical issues in your home can be intimidating and dangerous. To keep your family safe, you want to work with a trained master electrician. Residential electricians can help you make an informed decision about the best electrical solution for you and perform the work safely. 

When electrical issues arise in your home, you need prompt residential electrician services you can trust. At 3 Phase Power, fully trained electricians are able to respond 24/7 with any emergency. Whether you experience a power outage, blown fuse or overheated outlets, we will be right there whenever you need help. The team at 3 Phase Power proudly serves residents throughout Waukesha County, Milwaukee County and the rest of Southeast Wisconsin.

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Common Residential Electrical Issues

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There are several common residential electrical issues you can experience as a homeowner. The majority of electrical issues in the home can be connected to improperly installed or faulty wiring. Flickering lights can be the result of poor connection along the circuit. If your outlets do not work, it could be due to a broken receptacle device or poor wiring connections. Many homeowners also have issues with frequently tripped circuit breakers and issues with electrical panels.  

Residential electrician services can identify the source of these issues through regular inspections and maintenance and resolve them quickly and safely. If you have numerous computers, phones, and other electrical devices in your home, you may want to consider an electrical upgrade to boost your power needs. Before you do any remodeling in your home, it can be wise to have a professional inspection of your electrical system to ensure that it can handle any new upgrades.

Residential Electrician Services at 3 Phase Power

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Electricians can inspect your electrical system to ensure it is functioning properly. This can help prevent house fires and other dangerous scenarios from impacting the safety of your family. The residential electrician services through 3 Phase Power also include wiring, lighting upgrades, and generator installation. Services are affordable for any household budget. Residential electrician services can also help you discover energy saving solutions for your home to help save you money.  

Benefits of Using Residential Electrician Services

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A residential electrician is licensed and insured to help protect you from damages or accidents while the work is performed. Electrical repairs and installations are able to meet the building code and requirements in your area. A professional has the proper tools to get the job done right and can acquire any necessary permits.

If you try to do the work yourself, you could experience fire hazards or electrocution from faulty or exposed cabling. Small mistakes or quick fixes can lead to expensive problems in the future. The temptation to do the work yourself to save money can put your loved ones at risk for injury or death. Residential electrician services can keep your family safe from harm and help prevent problems from popping up later.  

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Your home is a sanctuary, keeping you safe and protected from the world around you. When the power goes out or you have electricity issues, you need reliable a residential electrician that can help you at a moment’s notice. The professional electricians at 3 Phase Power are available anytime to conveniently meet your home’s electricity needs. Keep your family safe and protected from hidden electrical dangers. Call for more information about residential electrician services today.

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